About HAWA

Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City (HAWA) was established in 1991. HAWA recently has nearly 600 company members all over the country – operating in the following fields: Handicraft, Wood and Furniture processing, Trade, Service provider. HAWA is the largest and most long-standing association in Vietnam.

HAWA defines the vision of Vietnam’s wood industry by 2045 to become a global manufacturing hub and complete supply chains from forestry plantations to production, design, and distribution. HAWA advocates for the development and adoption of technology at all stages of the value chain, including R&D, distribution, new materials, services, forest development, and manufacturing, in order to assist businesses in reducing their time spent engaging in the supply chain and generating income for the local community.

HAWA aspires to bring Vietnamese furniture brands to the world. Moreover, we create values to boost the attractiveness of wood processing and forestry export industry to the young labor force by utilizing the following factors: technology, creativity, aesthetics, increasing the proportion of OBM, and competitiveness to generate high profits.

HAWA’s vision is that out of 60% of Vietnamese enterprises exporting wood and wood products, 30% must be able to make high value-added products, including 20% of ODM products, and build a generation of young entrepreneurs who are eager to develop and have a comprehensive understanding of the global market

HAWA’s solution is to create value and business opportunities for its members through the organization of trade fairs and exhibitions. Attract more members and strengthen ties to become a block of solidarity. HAWA is operating and developing a number of significant projects, including VIFA EXPO, Vietnam Furniture Matching Week, online exhibition platform – HopeFairs, Wood certification, and traceability system – HAWA DDS…

“Connect for the development - Together for the growth”

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