Green transformation by water-based wood coatings

In the context that the main import markets of Vietnamese wooden furniture such as the EU, US, UK, and Japan are applying carbon taxes in the near future, a reporter from Wood and Furniture had a conversation with Ms. Bui Thi Chinh – CEO of Nanochem, a pioneer in producing Water-based Wood Coatings in Vietnam.


* What should manufacturers do for green transformation?

– Manufacturers should focus on two main factors: green factories and green products. With green products, they need to use environmentally friendly materials with low carbon emissions. Specifically, in the wood processing industry, choosing Water-Based Wood Coatings instead of solvent-based paint will play a very important role.

* How is Water-based Wood Coatings different from solven-based wood coatings and how does it help promote the green transformation?

– The main ingredient in Water-Based Wood Coatings is water so carbon emissions are very low, can achieve net zero carbon. Meanwhile, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in solvent-based paints account for up to 85%, so carbon emissions are very high.

* Why has Nanochem Water-based Wood Coatings been widely used in Vietnam over the past 2 decades?

– Nanochem is a pioneer company in producing Water-based Wood Coatings. Applying NANO technology and German technology, Nanochem’s Water-based Wood Coatings are good grain raising resistance, fast dry, highly transparency and excellent anti-yellowing resistance.

* What are the biggest achievements of Nanochem recently?

– Nanochem is one of the first companies to achieve GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certification since 2018 by UL.

RH (Restoration Hardware) has been using Nanochem’s Water-based Wood Coatings since 2018. Many manufacturers also converted 100% to Nanochem Water-based Wood Coatings in a very short time with up to 25% cost savings compared to NC.

By Luu Hanh


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