The largest furniture fair in Vietnam officially launches: Conquer a bigger challenge for a better change

HawaExpo 2024 – the largest nationally endorsed export furniture fair in Vietnam will officially open march 6, 2024. lasting until march 9, 2024 with 02 specific halls, gathering more than 500 Vietnamese brands, expectedly welcoming around nearly 25,000 visitors based on registration reports, HawaExpo is raising the bar of international fairs, which focuses on contributing to the true commercial and branding value of the entire industry.


HawaExpo 2024 is considered a fair that addresses the true needs of both exhibitors and buyers when pioneering a new approach that minimizes foreign entrepreneurs and maximizes Vietnamese origin, while also presenting new profiles annually.

A fair for Vietnamese businesses, to show the true Vietnamese competency

“It’s very transparent that international visitors come to Vietnam to look for Vietnamese partners. However, the quality of current export fairs does not offer equal opportunities for growing numbers of qualified domestic manufacturers. Therefore, HawaExpo proactively aimed to seize the slots for 80% of Vietnamese manufacturing and processing enterprises, the remaining 20% includes furniture design & innovative technology based companies, suppliers, service providers.. who also play an important role in the supply chain. This strategy will be maintained and aimed at increasing numbers in the coming years.” Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Chairman of HAWA and Viforest Fair shared.

Also, for the first time, the furniture design studios, furniture designer, contractors, hospitality furniture brands will be brought together under 1 roof Create Hall at White Palace Pham Van Dong. It’s also known as the first hub of design & innovation that has ever been organized in an international fair framework. Taking full advantage of huge visitor traffic, these hidden gems of the Vietnam Wood & Furniture industry gradually happened to bring strong branding awareness, therefore adding more business value.

A positive branding result thanks to a global marketing campaign

The budget for HawaExpo 2024’s global promotion campaign has trippled. Executed by an experienced marketing team, up to now, it’s reported to attract more than 160,000 online attendees and nearly 25,000 registrations from 20 key export countries. Notably, it was noted that during 6 months of global promotion, the fair in particular and made-in -Vietnam furniture branding had coverage in 100 countries, published in more than 15,000 newsletters in 20 foreign languages, presented in around 100 homepages of a series of related international events, international associations, and tourism industry partners. Also according to the organizers, besides familiar markets such as the US and Europe, HawaExpo witnessed significant interest from visitors from the Middle East, Australia, Canada and India.

Amongst a series of 20 events onsite, HawaExpo collaborates with Forest Trends to assess the current status and seek sustainable solutions to expand the use of acacia wood, as Vietnam still is importing from other tropical countries about 2-3 million m3 of round timber and sawn timber each year. Also, the Essence of Vietnamese Handwoven craftmanship will add more value to Handicraft furniture & souvenir sector through great storytelling and let visitors experience it by themselves.

Digitalization and trending to help businesses diversify output markets

With the organizing committee rooted in associations, HawaExpo has integrated its mission with the responsibilities of increasing competitiveness and resistance for businesses. Particularly for 2024, exhibitors have access to three considerate business channels: Direct networking at the fair, online partnership through the Hopefairs exhibition platform and expanding sales channels on the global e-commerce platform thanks to the collaboration with the world’s two leading e-commerce brands: Amazon and Wayfair.

Receiving the most positive feedback from exhibitors is the HawaExpo app, newly introduced with a series of stunning features. Through the app, buyers can view exhibitor portfolios, book shuttle buses, and plan their trips; while exhibitors can instantly get in touch with clients via a QR code scanning system, invite guests, and add more benefits within a touch. It’s 100% free for participants.

By Uyen Bui


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