VIBE 2024: A golden opportunity for construction-interior enterprises to shine in the domestic market

Under an innovative fair format that meets 3 criteria in 1 show “Style – Smart – Sustainability”, VIBE is expected to be a boost for domestic businesses in particular, and the construction-interior industry in general after a long “hibernation” in the domestic market.

Based on the synthesis of many global economic outlooks, domestic analytics, 4th quarter of 2024 is considered a recovery time for the construction & furniture industry. This assessment is strengthened by the validity of new policies and the rising commercial & industrial projects started across the country this year.

VIBE – A right fair at the right time

To capitalize on this period while establishing a high-quality comprehensive business platform based on a strong B2B ecosystem for domestic and export projects, VIB E – Vietnam Interior & Building Construction – was founded by the Ho Chi Minh City Handicraft & Woodworking Association (HA WA) and co-organized with Ho Chi Minh City Association of Construction and Building Materials (SACA ) and supported by other associations and partners domestically and internationally.

Talking about the name’s meaning, the organizer unveils its implication to the union of 2 key sectors Interior and Building under Construction industry. Also, pursuing the goal of the best lifestyle fair that constantly leads the exhibitors to stay on track with trends, updated technology and global demands, the fair itself carries the contemporary spirit as the thematic meaning of the word “vibe”.

Taking place from October 2-5, 2024, at the SECC, the event is expected to have more than 600 booths, bringing together 200 exhibitors, attracting 12,000 visitors, and organizing 10 specialized events,300 B2B matching sessions to close the gap of local entrepreneurs with international ones.

At VIBE, not only do visitors find their wanted products or business partners, but businesses also find their potential business associates. This is guaranteed due to the various participating sectors. To be specific, there are a total of 45 product lines, belonging to 8 categories. From interior-exterior equipment, interior-exterior furniture, raw construction materials, finishing materials to contractors, architectural studios or smart technology startups, and auxiliary services, all are present.

Remarkably, the organizers also revealed their long-term strategy is to make VIB E a playground for the domestic market, serving Vietnamese users. Starting from 2024, 70% of the exhibitors will be domestic enterprises, 30% of big foreign brands and foreign suppliers want to participate in the market.

02 values – 03 criteria only can be found at VIBE

According to the organizer, two values that make VIBE an outstanding event from the input are brand selection and experience value. This is a bottleneck that has not been removed in other exhibition fairs today.

Exhibitor selection is taken care of by a talented group of curators, including designers, architects, brand developers, and marketing experts. Thereby, they are confident to bring the best, show the latest to impress the visitors and achieve efficient results together.

Experience quality is another focal point of the entire program. Pioneering in applying technology innovation in operation, and conducting a series of creative events, VIBE is surely a juicy source of trendy information, inspiration for all.

03 specific criteria for shaping the performance quality at VIBE is Style – Smart – Sustainability. Specifically, the style is reflected in the thoughtful plan & a list of selective brands owning themselves an aesthetic mindset, creative functional product. The Style is also translated through the fair look, the content of the event…

Sustainability can be seen in the efforts to encourage exhibitors practicing green solutions and use of eco-friendly materials. At the same time, VIB E proactively built a healthy B2B – B2C ecosystem for sustainable development for the entire industry.

Smart is “digitalization”, influencing by seeking and introducing smart solutions, digitalization trends in all stages from design, production, and construction to commerce. The criterion “Smart” is also presented by how organizers promote themselves as role models by applying new tech features to transform the traditional fair image.

Vibe has officially opened the booth registration. For more information, please direct to: Website www.thevibexpo.com.

Hotline: +84 987 980 859

By Uyen Bui



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