A series of most dynamic sourcing events

Online exhibition: nearly 20.000 m2 of online showroom space, with almost 10.000 exhibition products: Bedroom furniture, Living room, Garden furniture, Kitchen furniture, Upholstery, Interior Fitting, Home décor, Accessories, etc. from more than 100 reputable Vietnamese manufacturers and exporters. Moreover, at the VFMW event, exhibitors will introduce new collections, products following the trends of 2021, ready to meet the requirements of exporting markets.

Online B2B matching: support international buyers to find Vietnamese suppliers and organize online matching sessions.

Matching process:

  1. Receive request for sourcing support from buyer
  2. Find suppliers and schedule B2B Matching session
  3. Organize online matching

Market intelligence hub: Series of webinars with in-depth analysis on Vietnam’s main and potential exporting markets: US, UK, Korea, Germany, Canada on the topics of market information, Sustainable Sourcing Practices; Travel rebound in fall 2021 and the future of trade digital platform, etc.

Offline Event – Furniture Sourcing Day

Furniture Sourcing Day to be organized on 14/4/2021 at the White Palace Event and Exhibition Center – 108 Pham Van Dong, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc District. The event is expected to attract 300 participants who are manufacturers, ROs, sourcing agencies in order to create a connected community between Vietnamese manufacturers and ROs and facilitate long-term partnerships.

Connect ROs with manufacturing factories – B2B Matching

Gather reputable, capable manufacturers with exporting experience; Diverse product categories: Bedroom furniture, Living room, Garden furniture, Kitchen furniture, Upholstery, Interior Fitting, Home décor, Accessories, etc. ROs can find new suppliers and establish long-term partnership with Vietnamese manufacturers.

Exhibiting outstanding products

Open space exhibition with many outstanding products selected to highlight the event venue.

Talk-show, conference

Series of talk-show and conference to be organized within the event to provide information on the markets, market trends, to share experience, etc.

Factory visit

The factory visits are organized to create the opportunity for ROs to directly visit, assess the capacity and products, and create long-term partnerships.

The event is organized by the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCMC in cooperation with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade), the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO), Vietnam Trade Offices in many countries, etc., with the support from domestic and international media partners: Furniture Today, Furniture News, Mobelmarkt, etc.

Sign up for joining Furniture Source Day:

Contact: Ms.Tuyet  +84 989 707 936 | [email protected]

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