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Teknos is a global coatings solutions company with operations in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, offering a wide range of paints and coatings to the wood and construction industries, as well as to consumers. Teknos always strives to help customers find the ideal solution to meet every need. Through global market feedback and extensive research, we continually improve our products to meet the needs and desires of our clients. With wide knowledge and decades of experience in the coatings industry, Teknos products are capable of tackling any challenge in the field of coatings that protect materials and structures in all weather conditions. The most important criteria are solutions that satisfy diverse needs while also being safe and eco-friendly. Teknos pursues its mission of creating a sustainable green world by continuously developing smart and safe coating solutions for health that are eco-friendly and combine cutting-edge technology to protect and extend the life of materials and structures. Teknos always collaborates closely with customers. Teknos was founded in 1948 and is one of Finland’s largest family companies.