Viet Au My Wood Company Limited, established on October 31, 2013, is one of the units specializing in providing imported wood from European countries, America, Africa… going through the process of formation and development, has gradually become known to many customers. For the Company to develop successfully as it is today, it is thanks to the trust and confidence that all customers, suppliers and partners have given to Viet Au My Wood during the past time. We feel even more proud that Viet Au My Wood is growing and accompanying our customers and the Vietnamese wood industry. This is a great source of motivation to help our company gain more courage and confidence to continue to grow strongly. In the coming years, Viet Au My Wood will continue to make more efforts to contribute to being an important leading factor specializing in providing legally imported wood, bringing value to customers and the sustainable development of the Vietnamese wood industry. solid. Currently, Viet Au My Wood is supplying and distributing raw wood lines originating from countries: America, France, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Croatia, Congo… such as: White Oak/Red Oak, Ash, Sapele, Teak, Poplar…. And some types of imported wood. another password…. Including round trees, pre-dried sawn goods, logs, boxes and dried sawn goods according to customers’ requirements.